How We Support Survivors Through The Give Back A Smile Program

At Sutter Dental Collective, we’re proud to participate in the Give Back A Smile (GBAS) program run by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation. As a participating dentist in the program, Dr. Joyce Stein donates her services to survivors of domestic violence and sexual violence.

With her help and the help of other dentists who participate in the Give Back A Smile program, survivors of abuse can restore their smiles and take steps towards healing from the trauma of their past experiences.

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What Is The Give Back A Smile (GBAS) Program?

The Give Back A Smile program is operated by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation. The motto of the Give Back A Smile program is “Restore A Smile, Restore A Life.” And that’s exactly what patients get through this charitable program.

For obvious reasons, it’s very difficult for survivors of domestic violence and sexual violence to move forward with their lives. The trauma of their experiences can stick with them for years, and leaves scars that heal slowly, if at all. And that’s especially true for victims who have suffered dental injuries due to abuse.

Every time they try to smile, they’re reminded of what was taken from them. But through the GBAS program, survivors of abuse can get the dental care they need to restore their teeth and their self-confidence.

Through GBAS, participating cosmetic dentists throughout the nation work with survivors of domestic violence and sexual violence. The Give Back A Smile program is available for adult survivors of all ages, walks of life, genders, and sexual orientations. Since it was founded in 1999, GBAS has restored more than 2,000 smiles, representing a dollar value of more than $18 million in cosmetic dental work.

Dr. Joyce Stein Is Proud To Donate Her Services To The Give Back A Smile Program

At Sutter Dental Collective, Dr. Joyce Stein is proud to be a volunteer dentist in the Give Back A Smile program. As a volunteer dentist, she provides cosmetic dentistry free of charge to applicants who are approved for the Give Back A Smile program.

This puts a new smile in reach for survivors of sexual and domestic violence. Many survivors come from low-income backgrounds, have one or more children or dependents, or have other circumstances that would ordinarily make it difficult for them to pay for the cost of cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Stein and the team at Sutter Dental Collective believe in giving back to the community. And a beautiful smile shouldn’t just be reserved for those who can afford it. As part of GBAS, Dr. Stein can help members of the community heal from their trauma, move past the violence that has affected their lives, and smile proudly once again.

The Benefits Of Give Back A Smile For Survivors Of Domestic/Sexual Violence

Getting a new smile can be life-changing for survivors of sexual violence and domestic abuse. Here are just a few reasons why Give Back A Smile does such important work in the community, and why Dr. Stein and our team donate our time and office toward their cause.


Survivors of sexual and domestic violence do come from all walks of life. But Give Back A Smile is specifically meant to help survivors who are unable to pay for the cost of cosmetic dentistry, which is not typically covered by dental insurance. Treatment through the program is 100% free, which means that survivors can get the treatment they need regardless of their financial status.


If a person has had their teeth damaged by an abuser, they’re reminded of this every time they look in a mirror. This makes it difficult to move on and heal after they’re able to escape their abusive situation. With a new smile from GBAS, it’s easier for domestic and sexual abuse survivors to heal and move on with their lives.


Beyond being a reminder of past abuse, tooth loss or damage can also make survivors feel self-conscious. They may hide their teeth when they smile and laugh, or even be shy or unwilling to eat and speak around others. With cosmetic dentistry, they can reclaim their smile, and feel proud of their appearance once again.

For more information about the benefits of GBAS and how it helps survivors heal after abuse, you can take a look at this page of patient testimonials from Give Back A Smile, and learn more about their success stories.

Can I Get Involved In The Give Back A Smile Program?

Yes! Even if you’re not a dentist, you can get involved with the Give Back A Smile Program, and help support survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence. There are many different ways that you can support the organization, including:

  • Making monetary donations directly to Give Back A Smile
  • Leaving a gift to GBAS in your will
  • Hosting Facebook fundraisers
  • Participating in charity auctions
  • Donating items to charity auctions
  • Taking advantage of sponsorship opportunities

If you’d like more information about how you can get involved, you can take a look at this page from Give Back A Smile to learn more about the above opportunities and more.

If You’re A Survivor Or Know A Survivor, Apply To Give Back A Smile Today!

Dr. Stein and our team are proud to serve our community through the Give Back A Smile program. By working with local victims of sexual and domestic violence in San Francisco, we can make our community a better place, and provide dental services to patients who otherwise would go untreated.

So if you’re a victim of sexual or domestic violence in San Francisco or you know someone who is a survivor, we highly encourage sending in an application to the foundation. You can get started and learn more about the requirements for applying for Give Back A Smile here.

And if you have any questions about Give Back A Smile or how it works, feel free to give Sutter Dental Collective a call at (415) 781-4725. We’re always happy to hear from the community, and discuss our participation in this charitable program

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